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Steriline. You deserve the best quality air

Rising awareness in recent years to the importance of air quality has led to a dramatic rise in public interest in the field of air purification via UVC. Studies have shown a correlation between a wide variety of diseases and low-quality air.

People are beginning to realize that it isn’t necessary to compromise on the quality of the air they breath and the dangerous contaminants it contains.

Steriline’s vision is to bring the benefits of air purification to the general public, so that we can all breath high-quality.

Steriline offers the most advanced solutions available in the field of air purification. Steriline’s cutting edge products are good for big and small businesses, public buildings, clinics, office and residential complexes.

Dr. Yosef Shaaltiel

Dr. Shaaltiel founded Protalix biotherapeutics, an NYSE traded pharmaceutical company in 1993 and has served as the company's VP R&D. During his tenor at Prolatix, Shaaltiel developed the reactor technology, which the only existing viable method for the industrial production of plant cells.

Under his scientific leadership, the company produced two proteins for the treatment of lysosomic syndromes, one of which was the first pharmaceutical protein produced from plants to receive EMA, FDA and other approvals.

Three proteins developed by the company are in clinical trials in humans: Acethylcholinesterase, DNase for Cystic fibrosis, and antiTNFα for IBS. Dr. Shaaltiel was involved in the regulatory development, quality assurance, and production process, and has work extensively with the FDA/

Before founding Prolatix, Dr. Shaaltiel was a research associate in the MIGAL technological center, and has served as deputy head of the biological department of IDF’s Biochemical center, and as a chemist for Makor Chemicals.

Dr. Shaaltiel did completed his postdoctoral research at Berkeley University in California and Rutgers University in New Jersey. Dr. Shaaltiel has authored over 40 research papers and abstracts in Biochemistry and Plant Cell Physiology. Dr. Shaaltiel holds the title for 7 patents.

Dr. Shaaltiel earned a doctoral degree in Plant Biochemistry from the Weizmann institute for Science, mastered in Biochemistry at the Hebrew University, and received a B.Sc from Ben Gurion University.